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Welcome to Digital Catapult, Digital Slingshot's search enginge optimization & promotion division. At Digital Slingshot Website Design, we understand that a magnificent website is only the beginning. Once you have a terrific site, you must find a way to bring people to it. That's why we have always offered search engine promotion services including search engine optimization services and pay-per-click management services to our website design clients. We have a separate division, Digital Catapult, to make expert help available to other online businesses. When you deal with Digital Catapult, you are working with a experienced marketers like Chris Hubbard, Google Qualified in Google Adwords, Google Analytics and an expert in improving conversations using A/B and multi-variant testing. Chris is also a Yahoo Search Ambassador, an MSN adCenter Member, and is recognized as an SEO master by Call Chris at SEO Phone Number

Top Search Engine Rankings

Getting the best possible search engine ranking for your website is critical. If you are getting 100 visitors a day to your domain and selling 20 items a week, increasing your "qualified visitors" to 1000 per day should increase your sales at least 10X. Do you wish that your site could be found by more people actually looking for your products and services? Just fill out our search engine optimization - promotion request form and we can start making this happen for your web site.

Two Types Of Top Search Engine Rankings

Today it is important to understand that there are two types of top rankings in the search engines, sponsored or paid listings and free or organic listings. Your internet marketing campaign should evaluate both of these types of search rankings before you proceed with search engine optimization and search engine submission. Free listings are great! They are very competitive, take longer to achieve, and the rules change regularly. Sponsored listings are great! You pay a fee you choose for each visitor, control the title and the description displayed on the search engines, and you can be number 1 on the search engines for any term you want --- for a price.

If, like most successful business people, you don't have the time or inclination to learn a whole new field, and are just interested in results, fill in the optimization request form now, or call us at SEO Phone Number

Just like your brick and mortar business, your online business cannot be successful unless you get customers through your front door. You must be able to drive qualified prospects to your web site, and we can provide optimization services to do just that. This month we will drive hundreds of thousands of qualified buyers to our customers' sites, buyers who are searching for the specific products and services that they sell. We are often asked "can you get me first page rankings on Google? Visit our top 10 search results page for some examples of our client's first page ranking successes on Google, Yahoo & MSN.

How is this done? It is done thought an aggressive on-line marketing program. Our programs can include standard search engines, pay-per click search engines (PPC), link building, A/B testing, and even comparison shopping search engines.

Getting a site listed is just the first step. We monitor each sites ranking for each keyword. We evaluate the rankings, and make adjustments to the copy and code to improve the ranking for that keyword, and then start that process over again.

For the pay-per-click (PPC) search engines, we work with our client to find the right key words related to their products that are "Hot", we help determine the maximum bid price to insure a profitable sale, and then we work to obtain good positioning while staying under the maximum bid. You set the budget, and we stick to it.

We partner with several comparison shopping engines, where you can have every item in their online store listed. When you get traffic from this type of search engine, they already know what you are selling and what your price is. These shoppers are ready to buy. The comparison shopping engines are a very cost effective marketing tool for the aggressive retailer..

Every day you delay is a day your online business is loosing new customers, So Hurry, complete the keyword information survey, or call us at SEO Phone Number Our professionals work around the clock and are avaialable by phone Monday-Friday from 9AM to 5PM Eastern Time.

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